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Oakfuskee Conservation Center stands as a timeless tribute to the rich history of this land, honoring the Creek Native American tribe who once used this area as a vital trading trail. The significance of the name Oakfuskee, meaning “a point of land on water,” perfectly describes our location along the calm shores of West Point Lake. These ancient trails were lifelines, connecting Georgia’s native communities, paving the way for journeys in pursuit of game, fish, pearls, and mineral resources. Oakfuskee is a bridge to the past, a commitment remembered in every leaf and ripple. It’s our promise to safeguard and celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds us. 

Sustainability initiatives at Oakfuskee Conservation Center.


Sustainability is at the forefront of Oakfuskee’s design. We utilized eco-friendly materials, including responsibly sourced wood, shiplap, and other components like rain chains and cisterns. From the ground up, every detail, including energy-efficient insulation and the integration of electric vehicle charging stations, was thoughtfully chosen to minimize environmental impact. This ensures that our commitment to conservation is seamlessly woven into every aspect of the building.

This project was completed by Troup County GA and Sheridan Construction, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Program on December 1, 2023.

An event venue surrounded by nature’s splendor with breathtaking panoramic views of West Point Lake.


Oakfuskee Conservation Center is an hour south of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, 5 miles from down town LaGrange, and 5 miles from the Georgia-Alabama Border.

300 Kingfisher Lane
LaGrange, Georgia 30240




*Hours are subject to change depending on scheduled events. Please contact Anna Knight for more information or to schedule a tour.


From camping beneath the starry sky to casting your line into West Point Lake, hiking scenic trails to conquering adventurous biking paths, there’s so much to explore at Oakfuskee Conservation Area at Pyne Road Park.

Anna Knight, the event coordinator for Oakfuskee Conservation Center, poses for her headshot.

Meet our staff

Anna Knight

With many years of event planning and interior design experience, Anna Knight brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as Event Coordinator for Oakfuskee Conservation Center.

A hometown enthusiast with a Fine Arts degree from Presbyterian College and a minor in Interior Design from Converse College, Anna’s extensive marketing and design background make her the ideal candidate for coordinating your special event, as she is thoroughly meticulous, with an impeccable eye for spatial design and a keen understanding of exceptional customer service.

Artwork on display at Oakfuskee Conservation Center.

Our Art Collection

Oakfuskee’s art collection is a nod to nature’s splendor, curated by legendary local artists who beautifully capture the awe of West Point Lake, its flora & fauna, and surrounding landscape.

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